Totting Up Insurance

If you have accumulated 12 or more penalty points within a three year period, it is very likely that you will be banned for ‘totting up’ endorsements.

At 5Star Insurance, we understand that being banned from driving can be very stressful, especially if it affects your job. Even once you are allowed back on the road, many insurance providers will refuse to cover you, or charge you extremely high premiums.

But we don’t believe you should be charged over the odds because of past mistakes and will do all we can to get you road ready, and we won’t charge you the earth.

convicted driver
If you have accumulated a few points from various places, we understand
Helpful and experienced staff
We’ll help you get back on the road, at a competitive price

What type of Driving Without Insurance Policies can we Offer?

We can provide insurance policies for those with previous convictions which relating to a TT99 Conviction.

What is a TT9 Conviction?

A TT99 is the ‘Totting Up’ ban and is issued at the discretion of a court for those who have received at least 12 penalty points on their licence within any three year period.

Why 5Star for Banned Driver Insurance?

We specialise in sourcing insurance for drivers with convictions, so we can competitively-priced rates for our customers where other brokers can’t.

Our staff our helpful, friendly and highly capable and will always work to find the most appropriate cover for your individual circumstances.

What type of convicted drivers can we help?