Driving Without Insurance Conviction

If you have a previous conviction for driving without insurance, you may find it very difficult to obtain insurance cover. Even if you do manage to find suitable cover, it often involves a lot of hassle and ends up very expensive.

At 5Star Insurance, we do things differently. We understand that everyone makes mistakes and treat each customer as an individual.

We know that sorting out car insurance is not everyone’s favourite thing to do, which is why we do all the hard work for you and find the most appropriate cover for your circumstances on your behalf.

Driving Without Insurance Conviction
Flexible payment options available
Friendly, UK-based staff
Competitively-priced policies, suitable for your circumstances

What type of Driving Without Insurance Policies can we Offer?

We can provide insurance policies for those with previous convictions which relating to an IN10 Conviction.

What is an IN10 Conviction?

An IN10 Conviction is when you ‘drive a vehicle uninsured against third party risks’. This can take many forms, for example, allowing a friend or family member to use your uninsured vehicle could lead to an IN10 Conviction.

Why use 5Star Insurance for Insurance for Drivers with Previous Insurance Convictions?

Because we specialise in this area of the insurance industry, we can find competitively-priced cover for our customers where other brokers cannot.

Our UK-based staff are helpful and very experienced and will help get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We also offer flexible payment options, depending on your circumstances.

What type of convicted drivers can we help?